ARCHITECTS OF SOCIETY is a conceptual organization founded by Christian Wolther in 2010. It is a conceptual organization, which means that it exists only as a concept. At least for now. Its only purpose is to exist, so to speak, as a concept. Simply because an organization like this, is highly needed in our time. So, it is quite a bit like a joke, and at the same time completely serious and it should perhaps be considered more like a poem. A conceptual thing. A poem, about a conceptual organization, constituted more like a piece of contemporary performance art. It works with presenting concepts to politicians and entrepreneurs and to the media, concepts and strategies and solutions for ethics and esthetics and for infrastructure and for the organization of society, as a whole. It is meant to deliver a complete package to any minute or medium sized society or environment who wishes to interact or receive or in any way benefit from the ethics and esthetics of this organization. Decoration of cityscapes, colour technology or more precisely colour philosophy and colour science, as an active part of society and of private and public environments. Composition of public spaces, cultivation of sound and silence in society, and colour organization, mainly. Also advice or ideas for organization and design of different kinds of infrastructure, dialogue and concepts for media strategies, development of presentation of individuals and private and corporate concepts. Advice and dialogue and services and solutions to any group or person who would like to embrace or accept or interact or in any other way benefit from some of the concepts of the organization ARCHITECTS OF SOCIETY.

These concepts, will of course change for every individual case or project. But the elements will be quite the same. Composition of public and private spaces, colour philosophy and balanced colour solutions, cultivation of sound and silence in the environment, conceptual strategy, art as attitude, elements of artistic or poetic or philosophical text, and so on. Art as attitude, so to speak, and an environment that reflects these intentions and ideas.