Art could be attitude and strategy, because art is knowledge of the mind and of composition and of the world as it is and of the principles of perception and communication. We need a more professional way of organizing society. We need more beauty. We need more truth. We need more science and poetry and philosophy. We need to release and improve humanity, and to develop our global world society. So we need art as attitude and strategy.

Art has always been attitude and strategy, even when it comes to creating a work of art or when performing the actions that will constitute a work of art. Art is, and will always be, attitude and strategy. So the point here is simply to transfer the work of art from the object itself - the intended work of art - and into the realm of society, so to speak, in order to constitute a more appropriate and esthetic and ethical awareness in the general public. Art, in real life, is attitude and strategy, just as any kind of art always will be attitude and strategy, anyway.

Art is perhaps most of all a certain quality that comes from the element that transcends the conceptual aspect of the work itself. Art is what transcends the concept. Art is the special quality that escapes description, a certain element of light and beauty and transcendence, that comes out of a good work of art. If this happens, if art happens, so to speak, in a work of art, then it is because of composition. Everything is a result of composition, whether an artwork is successful or not. And when a work of art succeeds in being a work of art, when it succeeds in having this special quality - as a result of the effects that constitutes the composition - then I think it could be said to transcend the concept, to transcend the conceptual framework that itself creates or constitutes, as a work of art. This quality, is what should be brought into society and into the general awareness of mankind. The light of knowledge, so to speak. To know that a concept is just a concept, and that we need knowledge of concepts and of their limitations, in order to really shine. And in order to constitute a better society or a more appropriate world order than what we have now. Art, as attitude and strategy, can be a vehicle, for improving global world society.