My term The Collapse of Concepts refers to the fact that every concept is just an idea, an hypothesis, a term or a name of a domain, so to speak, that refers to the conceptions inherent in and represented by language, and therefore to itself as a concept, more than it is able to convey the reality of reality, so to speak. A concept refers to itself, but we think it refers to the world, simply because we understand the concept and attach to it. So the concepts are false, or at least may be false, simply because they are concepts. This does not mean that we do not need concepts. And it does not mean that concepts are without value. It just means that we should have a proper awareness of their limitations, and that we should see and understand the phenomenology of our various concepts, what they consist of, so to speak, the elements that can prove them to be more or less valid, or more or less invalid. More or less appropriate, for that matter, too. We need this awareness, and that’s the whole point. We need the ability to develop the most appropriate concepts possible, and the knowledge of how we should, or should not - and to what extent or degree - attach to them.