The exhibition UNTITLED OCEAN.

This exhibition was presented at THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF THAILAND, Bangkok, in January 2011.  It opened on the 7th of January but had its formal opening ceremony on Saturday the 15th of January at 17.00 pm.  It was officially opened by the Norwegian Ambassador to Thailand, Her Excellency Ms. Katja Chr. Nordgaard, and the Director General of The Fine Arts Department, Ms. Somsuda Leeyavanich.  The exhibition was on show until the 28th of January.

Photos of the exhibition are available on the page PHOTOS AND PRESS OF EVENTS AND EXHIBITIONS.  Installation photos of the exhibition, some photos of the catalogue and from the opening ceremony, are available.  There are also a lot of text works available, under or within the link UNTITLED OCEAN, on the home page of this website, which you will enter when you click on the big text below on this opening page: CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE HOME PAGE FOR THIS WEBSITE AND TO ALL THE LINKS FOR ARTWORKS AND EXHIBITIONS.  The link UNTITLED OCEAN here on this website is quite representative for the conceptual framework of the exhibition, but it is by no means finished yet.  There are a few photos of singular artworks there, as well, but for singular artworks, the only decent representation now is in the catalogue UNTITLED OCEAN.  If you are interested, send me a mail and we will arrange for how to send it.  There is also some kind of a manifest, or a motto, on the linkpage of this website, which is the last main page of this site, which you will enter by clicking on PHOTOS AND PRESS OF EVENTS AND EXHIBITIONS, on the home page, the main page you will come to, after this one, if you click on the link mentioned above.

The catalogue UNTITLED OCEAN is now available.  It is an "all inclusive" catalogue of 270 pages.