Our world – as a culture, or civilization – is a manifestation of how people act on and attach to concepts. This is a truth. And our world – as nature – suffers from this aspect. Simply because the way we constitute concepts, and the way we attach to them, and how we ultimately also act on them, is not appropriate, when it comes to an intelligent or mature or responsible way of dealing with things. We attach to concepts and believe in them. Whatever they may represent. And this is the carrot that most people seem to need. The nice little concept in front of them. A postcard. An image. Something we need or want to believe in. We cannot and should not take beliefs and playing with concepts away from human life, but we should gain knowledge of what this process means, and develop an awareness of how to live with and attach to our different kinds of concepts. Every war, is conducted because of attachment to certain concepts. All kinds of production or destruction is based on this. We just need an awareness that can make the human process more appropriate.