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Solo Exhibition UNTITLED OCEAN, The National Gallery of Thailand, Bangkok. The 1st to the 31st of January 2011.

A Manifest or a Motto
The Exhibition
The Catalogue
The Opening Ceremony
Selected Text Works
Some Press Material

2008 – 2009: Artist in Residence, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Khon Kaen University, Thailand.
Solo Exhibition REFLECTIONS at the Museum of Art and Culture, Khon Kaen University, Thailand. The 16th to the 28th of February 2009.

The Museum of Art and Culture
The Exhibition
The Opening Ceremony
The Catalogue
The Review in Bangkok Post
The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts

1990 – 2008: Some photos and press reviews on selected theatre performances/performance-art works and on some film and video-works from this period.  Please see the complete list of works in the BIOGRAPHY section of this website.  The links and documentations below are under construction, and are therefore not complete.

2002 - 2008: Aria Variata.   Film and video-works by Christian Wolther.  Links not yet available.

2003:  The Abilities of The Human Being and other Objects and Phenomenons in Space.  Performance at the construction site of Sal Haaken, at Henie Onstad Museum of Modern Art, Oslo Norway, 2003.

1996:  Threshold/Eternity Has Begun.  Theatre Play/Performance Art, by Christian Wolther, at MOT International Theatre Festival, Skopje, Macedonia. 
Writer, Director, Scenographer, Lighting Design, Producer, Actor: Christian Wolther.

1995:  Eternity Has Begun.  Performance Art/Art Installation/Exhibition, by Christian Wolther, at The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik Iceland.  Actors: Vigdis Gunnarsdottir and Christian Wolther.  Writer, Director, Installation, Exhibition and Concept: Christian Wolther.

1994:  Threshold.  Theatre play, by Christian Wolther, at The Norwegian Theatre, Oslo Norway.  Festival of Dramatic Writing.  Actor: Tom Tellefsen.  Writer, Director, Scenographer, Lighting Design: Christian Wolther.  Review in the Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet.

1992: Day Number Eight. Theatre Play, by Christian Wolther, at Black Box Theatre , Oslo Norway.  Actors: Kjetil Skøyen and Kim Haugen.  Writer, Director, Scenographer, Producer: Christian Wolther.  Lighting Design: Henning Winger.  Review and interview in the Norwegian newspapers Dagbladet and Universitas.

THE paris concert THE last waltz THE sound of colour installatio mobilis aria variata contact & net will open soon